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Shetland ponies and Fair Isle knitwear are beloved across the world, so why not combine the two? These two cosy-looking mares have been dressed in button-down Fair Isle jumpers to promote the Year of Natural Scotland

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One Last Kiss: The Household Cavalry was centre stage at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate last year. Now one of their best horses, Thomas, is retiring after 20 years of service. Delivering a slobbery kiss after every treat, he’s a favourite among the ranks. Enjoy your retirement Thomas!

Proof of Horse Power: Here in New Zealand the National Bank’s customers are upset that they are losing their black horse branding which was leased from Lloyds Bank in the UK. (The National bank is being absorbed into parent company ANZ). Other bank’s are clamouring for National Bank customers who have lost faith in their bank. The power of branding? The power of the horse? Both me thinks. And in a spooky turn of events, Cody, the horse featured on the bank’s adverts, had to be put down the same week the bank made its announcement (no foul play, just weird timing)


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